Student services and support programs


​​Guidance Officer

Guidance officers are specialist teachers who deliver a broad range of services to school community members. They contribute to the development of a comprehensive student support and wellbeing program that is responsive to the needs of the school community.

Guidance officers may work directly with students in addition to working with a student's teachers, school support personnel, family, other specialists or external support providers.

Support offered by guidance officers includes providing advice and counselling on educational, behavioural, vocational, personal, social, family, and mental health and wellbeing issues.

Psychoeducational assessments and career development also form an important part of the work guidance officers undertake to enhance positive educational outcomes and career pathways for all students.

Guidance officers provide leadership, support and case management in responding to some of the most complex and challenging of circumstances including student protection matters, critical incidents, mental health issues, and suicide prevention and postvention support.

Guidance officers require a diverse range of skills and knowledge and an ability to form strong and productive relationships with key stakeholders in order to develop and implement plans and programs that are responsive to the needs of students.


Report Bullying 

The school has a zero tolerance to bullying commitment. If your student experiences or witnesses any incident that they believe may be bullying make sure it is reported. It can be reported to a teacher, the Year Coordinator or the Dean of Students.

Similarly, if you have a welfare concern or would like to alert us that you are concerned someone may be experimenting with drug or alcohol usage, please contact the Dean of Students. Your communications are treated as confidential and our initial concern is always the wellbeing of students.


Working to Stymie the cycle of teenage bullying and harm at PBC encourages students to support their peers by making anonymous notifications through their site. These notifications will be about students who you see being bullied or experiencing harm at PBC. You can also make notifications about illegal activity and any other kind of harm to your school community.

These are anonymous alerts sent to Stymie and are designed to keep our young people safe. If a friend is being harmed in any way - let someone know. The first conversations we have, will be with the student who is experiencing harm - they will know they are not alone.

Head of Year

PBC Heads of Year are the first point of contact for students and parents/caregivers.

Kate Patterson/Emma Norton - Year 7: /

Nicholas Hiron - Year 8:

Stacy Hooper - Year 9:

Jarrod Wells - Year 10:

Krista I'Anson -  Year 11:

Ryan Jesser - Year 12:


Head of Department - Student Engagement

HOD Student Engagement will provide valuable support with regard to student engagement  and wellbeing.

Junior Secondary - Cameron Williams -

​Senior Secondary - Brad Dixon -


Deputy Principals

PBC Deputy Principals lead the Optima (student support) team and cultural direction of our school. Key focus areas are attendance, student engagement, wellbeing, pastoral care and academic achievement. 

Mitch KennedyYear 11 and 12:

Loren SkyringYear 10 :​

Wendy WiseYear

Julia Hoy - Year 8: tbc

Tammy Burns -Year 7:

School Based Yout​h Health Nurse

PBC will have two School Based Youth Health Nurses onsite each Monday and Tuesday and every second Wednesday.

Students can access the SBYHN for a variety of health concerns including Sexual Health, Drugs & Alcohol, Growth & Development, Family Issues etc. 

There is also a confidential texting service available, where students can text their information (first name, DOB and school) and this information will reach your school nurse, where the SBYHN can then organise to meet. 

Students can text their first name, DOB and school to 0428 683 735.​​​

Hilary Wilson (Mon, Tues)

Vanessa Bradley (Tues, Wed)

School Nurse appointments:

Last reviewed 20 January 2023
Last updated 20 January 2023