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What does it mean to be an Athenian?

Our motto is Strength in Numbers which means that we work together to achieve success. We utilise each other's strengths and talents to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Our culture is one of inclusion, respect and courage. We make every effort, overcome every obstacle and strive to achieve nothing but greatness.

As an Athenian, we value every person. We value our house members strengths and participate in every activity. We are so strong because we turn up and try our best at all times. In every event and activity, you will see a sea of yellow.

As a team we bring out the best in each other. We are courageous through our actions, united in our purpose and our integrity shines through in the pride we have for the mighty Athenians.


​Athenians Leadership Team:

House Leader: Mr Matt Ashenden 

Senior Prefects: TBC 

Junior Prefects: TBC 



“The voice of the people". To be a Spartan is to be heard and united. It has long been imbedded into our house culture that we all have a voice and what we say is highly valued. A culture that creates a community full of strong, energetic and empathic humans. We revel in the success of our peers and work together to develop positive relationships. 

Our three pillars to which we stand upon are Conquer, Honour and Vitality. These produce a foundation for us to grow not only as individuals but together as one. Throughout each year as Spartans, we aim to conquer our fears and challenges through teamwork and resilience. We look to honour each other and the community we live in through giving back and showing support. The Spartans have enormous amounts of Vitality and strive to show it through everything we do.   

Spartans Leadership Team:

House Leader: Mr Adam Brown

Senior Prefects: TBC 

Junior Prefects: TBC 


What it means to be a Phoenician?

Kai Meath 2021 Head Prefect:

Together we rise, together we empathise, and together we strive for excellence. As a proud Phoenician, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We do not leave anyone behind, we all care and support each other. Our house is a cooperative and collaborative environment that brims with positivity. The school has high expectations for their students, and the house system has processes in place to support students with their academic, sporting or cultural endeavors. Phoenicians value a growth mindset and gratitude, which is explored through our CARE program. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to contribute to the Phoenicians.

​Laela Midson 2021 Head Prefect: 

When you are a part of the Phoenician house you learn how to nurture the younger students, encourage the spread of positivity and kindness, as well as fostering friendly competitive spirit and relationships throughout all house events and school-based activities. We flood our house with an optimistic and accepting environment, where we care more about our participation and inclusivity as a house instead of focusing on winning. Although we do tend to succeed and place high in our house events, if the tables turn, we will keep our heads high and congratulate other teams on their amazing outcomes. If you are sorted into the Phoenician house be proud and excited to join not just a house but a caring, supportive and encouraging family.​


Phoenicians Leadership Team:

House Leader: Mr Will Johnstone

Senior Prefects: TBC 

Junior Prefects: TBC 


The Vikings House is built on three words - DETERMINATION, RESILIENCE AND TEAMWORK. If our students work together, are determined, and resilient then they can add to their toolkit for education, work and life. The broader the toolkit the better they can create opportunities and instil confidence in pursuing their passions. This ethos is developed through our House and Care system and has been highlighted by our engagement in Care, participation in House activities and our 'Viking Clap'.

Our motto, 'actions not words,' is fundamental in moving forward. Saying that you will do something is very different to actually doing it! Engagement and participation are at the forefront of our actions. Investing time into these actions will see Vikings succeed.

We unite under the green banner, invest through our actions and equip for a complex and rapidly changing world. We are Viking, we are one.


Vikings Leadership Team:

House Leader: Mr Matt Larter

Senior Prefects: TBC 

Junior Prefects: TBC ​

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2022 - Phoenicians

2021 - Phoenicians

2020 - Phoenicians

2019 - Phoenicians

2018 - Vikings

2017 - Vikings

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