Full Day

Parents/Caregivers must notify the school and provide an explanation of a student absence by 9:00am on the day of the absence. 

The priority for notification is:

TEXT MESSAGE to 0426 305 728 – provide student name, year level, date and reason for absence

Example Text – "John Smith Y8 03/06/22 Sick"

(Please be sure to include the date of absence and a brief but clear reason – e.g. sick, family, holiday.)

Please DO NOT text any attachments – our text system cannot accept photos or images and the text will fail.

If texting is not possible, you can: – provide student name, date of absence and a brief but clear reason - eg. sick, family, holiday.

If the school has not been notified of your student's absence by 9:00am, you will receive a text message from 0426 305 728 by 10:00am. If you receive a text message, you can reply to the message, providing your student name, year level and reason for absence.

3 or more days

If a student is likely to be absent for more than three days, parents/caregivers are to notify PBC in writing by text message to 0426 305 728 or email to stating the student's name, year level, dates of absence and the reason for the absence.  A medical certificate can be emailed to or a hard copy taken to the Junior or Senior Secondary Student Services. Please DO NOT text any attachments – our text system cannot accept photos or images and the text will fail.

Please refer to the Senior Assessment Policy on our website to check the applicable requirements when you Senior Student is absent.

In some circumstances, an exemption from schooling may be appropriate.  Where an exemption is approved, a student maintains their enrolment despite extended non-attendance.  The circumstances for which a student would be eligible for an exemption are listed below and parents/caregivers are encouraged to submit an exemption application to the Junior or Senior Secondary School Student Services.

  • illness or hospitalisation (including recovery period at home) for a period greater than 10 consecutive school days
  • 'carer' responsibilities
  • diagnosed mental health condition
  • diagnosis of terminal medical condition
  • temporary interstate or overseas relocation where the family intends to return to Queensland (excluding holidays).

Forms are available on the PBC website or upon request at the Administration Office.

Approving Abse​​nces

Please note that the school will determine whether an absence can be approved based on the Department of Education guidelines. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable absences can be seen below:

Acceptable reasons for absences
  • Serious illness or medical conditions (the majority of these conditions should be accompanied by a medical certificate)
  • Representative activities including sport, academic and cultural
  • Serious family emergencies (these should be rare)
  • Sorry Business
Unacceptable reasons for absences
  • Holidays outside school holiday periods
  • Non-essential activities (e.g., driving lessons, non-school functions during the school day)
  • Medical appointments that can be scheduled outside of school hours

​In the instance that a student has acceptable reasons for an extended absence (of 3 days or more) a member of staff will contact the family to make appropriate arrangements for their continued engagement with school or an exemption. 

In the instance that a student has an unacceptable reason for their absence the school will not provide work or facilitate assessment. Parents and students should not contact teachers requesting work for students where the absence is for an unacceptable reason, such as holidays. Upon return from such an absence the school will determine whether it is appropriate that the student be awarded N's on their report or be asked to sit missed assessment pieces. ​

​Late Arriv​a​​​​ls

  • Any student that arrives after 9:00am must present to the Junior or Senior Secondary School Student Services with a note, signed by the parent/caregivers, including the reason for lateness.  This may be approved by the Head of Year. A "late pass" will be issued to the student prior to attending any class.
  • Non-approved notes or failure to present a note may result in disciplinary action.
  • Please text the late notification to 0426 305 728 prior to 9:00am to ensure no late text is generated for your student. 
  • Head of Year will monitor late arrivals. Consistent late arrivals that impact engagement with school process may result in a disciplinary action.​

Early Depar​​ture

  • ​Notes are to be written and signed by a parent/carer and presented to the Junior or Senior Secondary Student Services prior to 8:45am that day.
  • The sign out note must specify the following:
  • The specific reason for signing out (doctors, dentist, etc.).
  • The time and date that you need to sign out of school.
  • If a medical appointment, the time, location and professional field must be included.
  • Notes will be approved by a Head of Year and should then be collected prior to signing out of school at the Junior or Senior Secondary Student Services.
  • Non-approved notes and absences may lead to disciplinary action.
  • Students must show the signed note to their class teacher at the requested leaving time.
  • Report to the Junior or Senior Secondary Student Service Office with the signed note to obtain and 'Early Departure' pass.
  • It is appropriate for students to sign out no more than three times a term for an appointment or an activity during school hours.
  • Head of Year will monitor early departures. Consistent early departures that impact engagement with school process may result in a disciplinary action.

If your student becomes ill at school and is sent home they will be issued with a leaving slip by the Sick Bay Officer. If they return later in the day they will need to report to the Junior or Senior Secondary Student Services Office and sign in. Administration Officers or Head of Year may contact home to query the validity/frequency of appointments during school hours.

Last reviewed 13 February 2023
Last updated 13 February 2023