Carlotta Albers, GERMANY  July 2022  -  5 months

I had a wonderful experience at PBC in Australia. I was able to make a lot of new friends, improve my English and learn new subjects.

For me the best part was that it was near to the beach and being able to go canoeing in my fitness lessons. All of my teachers were really nice and I haven't had a lot of days when I didn't want to come to school.

Every day was a bit different and looking back on it I am really glad for the opportunity to be here and meet so many lovely people.

I will always remember this time.  

Cecilia De Avila,  BRAZ​​​IL  July 2022 - 5 months

Going on an exchange program to the other side of the world all by yourself can sound scary or intimidating but PBC and everyone associated with the school made my experience the best it could have been with great support for everything that I needed and amazing and receptive people, I couldn't ask for more!

Forever grateful to PBC, the staff and the students. 

Constanze Steinborn, GERM​​ANY July 2022 - 5 months

My time at PBC was a great experience. I made so many lovely friends and got to try many new and exciting subjects that were taught by very nice teachers.

I really enjoyed the activities the school had organised for the internationals such as surfing and the Fraser Island, Byron Bay, Cook Islands, Wildlife Sanctuary trips.

Unfortunately, my host family didn't really live up to my expectations so I did organise a lot of things on my own. Nevertheless, I was able to grow from this and learn to become more independent.

I had an amazing time in Australia that I will never ever forget and I am looking forward to coming back in a few years.


Lavignia Betuzzi, BRAZIL  July 2022 - 5 ​months

I had the best time at PBC! They have a lot of sports choices, wonderful teachers and coordinators that always try to help and especially the canteen with a lot of different types of food.

The Australian students are really nice and the trips that we made were really special where I could get closer to some international students too.

Anyway, I had the best experience that I could have and the best moments and memories.


Maibritt Warnken, GERMA​NY  July 2022 - 5 months          

I had a wonderful time at PBC. The international coordinator was lovely and all the teachers were really nice and helpful. They always cared about me and offered support.

All the people I met and friends I made will always be in my heart and I will definitely come back to Australia in a few years.

I will miss my host family a lot and will stay in contact with them. All in all, I can say that I had an unforgettable time with beautiful experiences.

Thank you to everyone that made this time so wonderful and special. I'm so thankful to PBC for welcoming and having me and everyone else.  


Matthis Lommen, GERMANY  Jul​​y 2022 - 5 months

For me this was probably one of the greatest and most important experiences in my life. Getting to know the culture as well as going to school and trying out new subjects that would never exist in Germany was a whole new world for me.

I personally chose PBC because it is so close to the ocean and I also wanted to go to Palm Beach to surf as much as possible.

Also, the teachers also behave very differently compared to German teachers. They are friendly, respectful and are interested in the students and build strong relationships with them, especially Miss Van Put the exchange coordinator who took very good care of us exchange students.​

Last reviewed 27 January 2023
Last updated 27 January 2023