Isabella Katinskas – Brazil     January – Nov 2019
I remember getting here being so scared and literally hopeless about what my year would be like in a different country, new people, new school and a completely unknown language. Certainly I lived the craziest rollercoaster of feelings of my whole entire life. It was a long journey of self-knowledge and I could not be happier for everything I’ve learnt here. I’ll be forever grateful for all the friendships I have made. Meeting people from all over the world was such a blessing and all the support I had from my incredible host family, teachers and my coordinator. This year was definitely the best year of my life and I’ll take my exchange year forever as one of the happiest of my youth. Coming to PBC was one of the best decisions I ever made so far. Go the REDS!! 

Lilly Berndtsen – Germany  July – Nov 2019
It is different…. I never expected to make so many memories. In the beginning it was hard to get into a friend group and yes the English was hard. But during my time I met so many friends. I had the greatest experience with the school, some lessons were funny, some boring, but most of the time I just enjoyed the difference between here and home. We sometimes went to the beach for Sport Excellence Soccer. We always had fun together and the teachers were super supportive during my time there. Our international program was always very well planned and we did a lot of trips together. I want to say thank you, this has been the best time in my life and I’m grateful that I was at this school. 

Viviana Zappolino - Germany  July – Nov 2019
I really enjoyed my time at PBC. It all started when I first came into the school and didn’t know anyone. But everyone was really nice and it was quiet easy to find friends. Whenever I had a problem there was always someone in the school who could help me, even if I didn’t know them, they were always open to me. The student coordinator always helped me and always tried to find the best solution. Also the teachers always helped us with our school work, assignments and tests. The experience with my host family was wonderful. I really enjoyed the time at their house and with their family. I want to thank everyone who made this exchange experience so special. Thank you 

Isabela De Santis Rodriguez – Brazil  July – Nov 2019
I enjoyed my experience at PBC. The staff was helpful at all times whenever I needed assistance. PBC helped me to improve my English. I made new friends and had nice teachers. The school is complete and very friendly.
I really want to thank Corinne for everything she has done for all the international students and especially thank her for the super support that she gave when I had problems with friends and homesickness. Thank you so much for everything. I would recommend PBC for sure.

Arthur Giacoia Pereira Da Silva – Brazil        January - Nov 2019
My experience at PBC was certainly one of the most wonderful things I could have ever done. From incredibly helpful teachers and coordinator, to the lifelong friends that I have made. My time at PBC is something that I am glad of having had the opportunity of experiencing. I would recommend PBC to any students planning on coming to the Gold Coast.

Yutaro Saito – Japan    2016 – 2019
In my first year at PBC I could not pass the test for Sport Excellence Surfing. Also all the assessments were hard for me. However I did not give up at all. I was surfing before and after school every day. I work very hard on my assessment as well. The following year I made the Sports Excellence surfing program, I was passing my assessments and improved my English. As a result I have many good friends. This was due to everyone supporting me including the international teachers. Thank you for my memorable Australian Life.

Masaaki Ito – Japan    2016 – 2019
I had no friends when I started here. I now have many best friends.
No one knew me when I first came here, now everyone knows me. The first day of school was bad. I wanted to go home as it was different and boring. Now I don’t want to go home because I love school and once I leave I will not be able to come back. I was challenged a lot, I laughed a lot, I worried a lot, but all these experiences became my best memories at the end. Love PBC

Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020