Subject Selection


​​​​A Subject Selection Form needs to be completed by all International Students in order to study in Australia. This form will be sent to you prior to your arrival and will need to be returned to Corinne Van Put by the due date. ​

Please complete the appropriate Subject Selection Form for you and include the compulsory subjects that are required. To assist you in choosing your subjects you might want to download the appropriate Year Subject Selection Guide first. 

Once complete, this form should be emailed to Corinne Van Put the International Student Coordinator.

Optional Subjects / Programs

If a student, during the course of his/her enrolment, selects an optional subject, activity or program (including Vocational Courses delivered by an external provider, Excellence Programs or Specialist courses), the parents must pay any additional fees. The additional fees are to be paid by the parents within 14 days of notice of the additional fees being provided to the parents by EQI or the school.

When choosing your subjects please note: Recreation Studies & Marine & Aquatic Practices have a required swimming component and you must to be able to swim 400 metres within 10 minutes to enrol in these subjects.

Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE)

Head to Senior Secondary Curriculum page for more information. Links to the right of this page.

Selective Entry @ PBC - Excellence Programs

Setting the pace for high achievement and providing exciting pathways for students to realise their dreams. Our mission is to mentor extraordinary young students to become the next generation of innovative and successful performers in the fields of Academia, Sport and Creative Arts.

Academic Excellence Program

Challenges students to reach their highest academic potential through an innovative curriculum. All students wanting to apply for the Academic program will be required to undergo an entrance examination before being accepted into the program.

Dance, Drama, Film & Media, Music and Visual Arts. Sharpens the creative talents of artistic students through mentoring, practise and specialised training, paving the way for a future career in their chosen field above. All students wanting to apply for the Creative Arts program will be required to undergo an audition or interview process before being accepted into the program.

Sports Excellence Program

 An elite training and coaching program for gifted and talented sporting students in the fields of Australian Rules, Basketball, Kayak/Surf Sports, Netball, Rugby League, Soccer, Tennis, Touch Girls and Track & Field. If you wish to apply for the Sports program you must have experience in the above specific sports and will be required to trial before being accepted into the Program.


Marine and Aquatic subjects

Due to the unique coastal location of PBC, a number of courses are available to students which take advantage of our close proximity to Currumbin Creek and local beaches. 

Marine Science

Marine Science examines the science of various marine ecosystems. This course takes advantage of the school’s location, focusing on the study of Currumbin Creek ecology. Students have multiple opportunities to develop their physical competence in the marine environment, including field work, snorkelling and boating. 

The area of Marine is of growing demand. This course area has been developed with universities and industry to better align with requirements for further studies in the area of marine. Undertaking Marine Science can lead to further studies in the area of marine management, marine biology, marine ecology, marine engineering, coastal management, aquaculture, environmental science, various science degrees and education.

Aquatic Practices

In Aquatic Practices, students will study the sea and inland water systems of the local area. It is the aim of this course that students will gain an understanding of the commercial, environmental, recreational and cultural aspects of the marine environment. This course involves significant practical work, where students must be prepared to get in the water, even if the water is cold! This practical work focuses on sailing, snorkelling, fishing and boating, with learning how to work safety during these activities being integral. Students further develop these practical skills on excursions to various Gold Coast locations.

The Gold Coast is a significant employer in marine related areas. This course helps develop skills for career pathways that includes instructors such as boating, snorkelling and diving; work in the boating industry such as deck hand, marine mechanic, boat building and fitting; retail industry positions such as in surf shops, bait shops and aquariums; along with further opportunities in marine based careers in the tourism industry.

Last reviewed 24 August 2022
Last updated 24 August 2022