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Transition Day - Parents Information Session

Transition Day - Parent Presentation (PDF, 2.5Mb)

FAQ's for new Year 7 students

Does PBC offer excellence programs?

Yes we do. In addition to a stimulating and comprehensive core programme of study we also offer an Academic Excellence Program, a Creative Arts Excellence Program and our state renowned Sports Excellence Program. 

These programs are based on Selective Entry to PBC. All students will need to undergo an examination for Academic Excellence (Year 7/8 only), audition/interview for Creative Arts Excellence (CAX) or trial for Sports Excellence. 

Please visit our Excellence Program area of the PBC website for more information.

What programmes does PBC offer for Indigenous students?

We have a thriving program for our Indigenous students including dedicated staff, access to outside programs (AIME hosted by Bond University) and tutoring support. Please visit our Indigenous Program tab for more information.  

Who do I speak to about my child if they have a verified disability?

All you need to do is follow the regular enrolment processes and make note of the disability in your enrolment application. Our Head of Department of Inclusive Practices will contact you to arrange an interview.

Strategies / programs we are offering to help transition students to high school?

At the end of each school, PBC holds a 'Transition Day' for Year 6 students entering into Year 7 to get a feel of the High School environment. We also visit primary feeder schools for afternoon tea Q&A sessions and to discuss the transition to high school. 

Once at PBC, all students follow a Social and Emotional Learning Program to help them cope with the transition into adolescence as well as high school.

Teaching staff at PBC are among the best on the Gold Coast.  In high school, students have access to subject specialists in all subject areas and teachers who have received specialist training in the Tactical Teaching of Reading and Functional Grammar.

Can my child be involved in sport in Year 7?

All students will take part in HPE and also participate in sport on the set cluster days (more details to come). PBC offers a comprehensive variety of competitive and non-competitive activities from which to choose.

Will Year 7 students have a common teacher for several core subjects?

A core feature of junior secondary is a reduction of the number of teachers a student interacts with across a week. At PBC we set up our Junior Secondary so that most students will have a teacher for Maths/Science and another for English/SOSE. Students will also have the benefit of specialist teachers in a variety of elective taster classes.

How does PBC provide a safe and supportive learning environment?

Students at PBC follow the Optima Code for being safe, being respectful and being a learner and are caring and considerate young people. Junior Secondary at PBC has separate playground areas for the students. The Junior Secondary teachers are based in the same area so the students have easy access to guidance of an academic and pastoral nature. Year Coordinators and classroom teachers are experienced in settling young people into high school and will do everything they can to ensure new students feel safe and secure at PBC.

What leadership opportunities are there for students at PBC?

Our leadership structure includes Junior Secondary Leaders (Year 9 students), year group leaders and School Captains (Year 12 students).  

In addition, students have the opportunity to get involved with the Leo Club and on Wednesday afternoons they can do a variety of community and leadership activities through the sport programme. Leadership opportunities arise in the classroom through group work and class-based activities and also through team sport participation.

Will my child continue to follow the Australian curriculum?

PBC Junior Secondary follows the Australian Curriculum lead by expert curriculum coordinators.  As a result of this and other interventions, last year PBC recorded our best ever Year 9 NAPLAN results and was recognised by the South Coast region as a high performing school in the area.  

What is be the length of the school day?

The current school day is 9:00am to 3:05pm. There are four 70 minute lessons each day with a break at 11:35am and another at 1:25pm. 

What uniform will students be wearing?

Year 7 students will wear the same PBC day uniform and sports uniform as our current Junior Secondary students. More information about our uniform requirements is available on our website under Facilities / Uniform Shop.

Last reviewed 09 December 2020
Last updated 09 December 2020