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International students Experience Sememster 1 2018:

I am really glad I chose PBC as a school for my exchange. The location of the school is great and everyone (teachers & students) were really friendly. I enjoyed the big variety of subjects. The best class I’ve ever attended was Aquatic Practices with Mr Bagnall. Canoeing in PE class was a lot of fun as well. We don’t have subjects like these at my school in Germany. I would recommend everyone to go to PBC.

Hanna Grambeck, Germany, January-June 2018

Everything was perfect from the very beginning. Every single teacher was so nice and the atmosphere was very good and positive. I recommend everyone who wants to try to have an experience in Australia to go to PBC. The international Program is very interesting. I thank everyone at PBC for this wonderful experience.  

Baptiste Cadosch, France, April–June 2018

I have absolutely loved my time here. I was very nervous on the first day, but luckily I had a host sibling so I felt safer. My expectations was that I would get a lot of Australian friends but that was not the case and it took some time to make friends. I was very satisfied with the teachers, every one of them were friendly and made classes fun. The International Coordinator was the best and did her job perfectly. A lot better than other schools because I had friends there who complained about their school coordinators. I also loved my homestay.  

Marthe Borthen, Norway, July 2017-June 2018

My experience at PBC was really good, all the people were really nice and helpful. The Australian buddies at the beginning were really helpful too. The trips to Tangalooma, Byron Bay and Springbook were really cool and the guides were really funny. The subjects are really good and the sport program is great with heaps of nice people.  

Nicolas Biermann, Germany, January-June 2018

I had the best year of my life and PBC played a big part of that. All the friends I made I’ll have forever and all the memories in the school will always be in my mind. All the students will miss Corinne (International Student Coordinator) so much and she made our experience easier and more enjoyable.

Maria Tavares, Brazil, July 2017-June 2018

I’m so happy that I chose PBC as the school to go to for my 6 months abroad. The teachers were really helpful and nice. The Coordinator and Miss Vaughan have been really helpful and available and thanks to this experience my experience was really good. PBC is a really great school. They care about the students but not just about their grades. Thanks to this school I’ve experienced things that I would have never experience in my school in Italy. I have to thank PBC also for all the friends I have made from around the world. I am really happy about the choice that I made a year ago to come to this school. I’m sure I would not have had this experience had I had chosen another school.

Ludovica Giuliano, Italy, January-June 2018

I stayed one year at PBC and it was the best year of my life. I experienced unbelievably friendly people and staff that were always there to support you. PBC has a very wide subject selection and I was especially satisfied with the Soccer Excellence Program in which I participated. The school offered lots of excursions like the Byron Bay trip and the 3 day trip to Moreton Island. I always felt welcomed by the students and especially my homestay family, they treated me like their own child. For me the stay at PBC was an unforgettable once in a life time experience and I want to thank everybody that made this possible for me.

Annika Neumann, Germany, July 2017-June 2018

My experience at PBC has been the best it could ever be. The school went beyond my expectations. I loved the International Program Support staff (Corinne & Ms Vaughan), they were helpful, kind & caring. The location of the school is the best, I loved being so close to the beach. Also the classes were very good and the subject selection offers many opportunities. PBC has such a good community of students and teachers and best of all is the school spirit that I loved being part of. I will forever be proud of being a PBC students – Go the Reds!! 

Live Grytnes, Norway, July 2017-June 2018

At first I was really nervous to start at this school and I didn’t know the other Norwegian that well either. I was supposed to go to another school but they couldn’t offer me all the subjects I needed so this was my second choice – and the best choice. I am so glad I ended up at PBC everyone has been really friendly and helpful since day 1. I can really be myself here and there is a lot of different cultures and nationalities here – so we always learn something new. I have never been happier with a school I have been at than this one. The location is amazing, I have used it to go to the beach after school for many hours. I also liked this school because of the staff. They were helpful and nice to the international students, especially Corinne is so nice and good hearted wit us. It was sad to leave I wish I could have stayed longer….

Andrine Viset, Norway, July 2017-March 2018

I enjoyed every day at PBC and in Australia. I had many chances to compare the school with other students from other school. I was always sure that I had made the right decision to choose PBC and I would repeat this decision. We had lots of trips with the international students and were able to visit many different places in Australia. I never expected that I would miss teachers or other staff but now I know that I will.

Sandra Schroeder, Germany, July 2017-June 2018

I really enjoyed the time at PBC. All the people I met were really kind and especially the teachers made my international year an unforgettable adventure. Furthermore I benefited from the Track and Field Sports Excellence program it made me bond more with the local students and it held me accountable and fit. It was an awesome experience and I will never forget it.   

Johannes Holler, Austria, January-June 2018

PBC is a very good school. It has many friendly teachers. The students all helping you at any time if you need help. At the beginning it’s hard to find your classroom because it’s a very big school but after 2 weeks it’s easy to find everything. The International Program is also very good. You can take part in trips like Tangalooma. All in all it is a very good school to study at.

Liam Mitlaff, Germany, January-June 2018

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