Senior school


Senior Schooling refers to the education of students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Here at PBC we strive for the best for our students in all areas. 

Statement of Intent

PBC aims to be a world-class school which nurtures the talents of every student, positions them to succeed in their preferred careers and thrive in all dimensions of a balanced adult life including relationships, health, creativity, citizenship and recreation.    

Our Philosophy : Nil Sed Optima - Nothing but the best

In the senior phase we aim to provide the environment, curriculum and teaching expertise to enable students to reach their potential. We believe that students will rise and exceed the high standards and expectations we set. We believe that students need to have access to many opportunities and programs to cater to their diverse needs. We treat each other with respect and integrity at all times and together we can achieve our dreams. 

The senior school has a culture of shared responsibility and personal accountability for the management of all senior school students and their pathways.

Preparation for senior school begins in Year 10. Students are encouraged to explore the options available and to consider what subject areas they want to experience in readiness for future study in Year 11 and 12.

Students in Year 10 receive detailed information about senior subjects. Information nights about course availability and choices are held frequently. 


Students Graduating 2019 

In Senior School, students must study a minimum of six subjects including a Maths and an English subject. Students have two pathways to choose from in their senior years of schooling:   

  • OP Pathway- students must study a minimum of five authority subjects. Three of these must remain the same for the whole two years. Primarily, these students are aiming to study at a University level after completion of their Senior Schooling.
  • Personalised Pathway - students must choose a minimum of one vocational education and training (VET) certificate and can only choose one authority registered subject and up to four authority subjects. Students selecting this pathway are personalising their pathway to further learning, apprenticeships or traineeships, the workforce or University.

Students Graduating 2020 onwards

In Senior School, students must study a minimum of six subjects including a Maths and an English subject. Students have two pathways to choose from in their senior years of schooling: 

  • ATAR Pathway- This pathway is for students who intend to study at University. Students must select 5 or 6 ATAR subjects. Students must select General English (and/or Literature where applicable) They are also willing to undertake 5 or more external examinations worth up to 50% of their subject result at the end of Year 12. 
  • Personalised Pathway- This pathway is personalised to meet the needs of the individual student and has a focus on building the student’s levels of training and qualifications. This pathway will also provide students with an option to allow them to study some University courses, enter straight into the workforce or further training post school.  Students with a Personalised Pathway may enrol in a maximum of 3 General subjects and should complete a VET course preferably Certificate III or higher 
Further information about the subjects and pathways available in the senior school can be found in the Senior School Handbook Guide.
Last reviewed 04 September 2019
Last updated 04 September 2019