Middle school


Middle Schooling refers to the education of students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Here at PBC we strive for the best for our students in all areas. 

Statement of Intent

To be a world class school which nurtures the talents of every young adolescent student, ensuring a seamless and supportive transition from primary school into senior school. 


Success in the Middle School comes from engagement in learning and building relationships.

The Middle School at PBC is built around a caring, supportive environment enabling students a smooth transition into senior school. Students feel a sense of belonging and in such an environment strong teacher-student relationships are created. Shared decision-making and active participation along with a rigorous curriculum help to cultivate lifelong learners. 



Students in Years 7,  8 and 9 study core and elective subjects. All students complete studies in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Study of Society and the Environment (SOSE), HPE/Sports Excellence and Foreign Language.

The Middle School Electives Program allows students to select subjects that they study alongside core subjects, to explore their personal interests and sample, to help them decide if they would like to study in further depth as a senior.

All lessons run for 70 minutes and each subject has three 70 minute lessons per week. 

Further information about the subjects and pathways available for study in the Middle School can be found in the Middle School Handbook (PDF,1MB)


Year 9 Work Experience - Organise Now!

Thanks to the many parents and students who attended the meeting about Work Experience in Week 5. We were delighted with the interest shown.

All Year 9 students are encouraged to organise Work Experience for Term 4, Week 10 – 9 to 13 December 2019. All Work Experience must be arranged using the correct process and forms, so that students are covered by the school's insurance.

Students are also encouraged to consider using their Work Experience as an opportunity to trial for a Certificate III Traineeship. The advantages for students of completing a traineeship in Year 10 include:

  • 8 hours a week of paid employment
  • Build up your resume
  • Complete a traineeship without negatively impacting on valuable time at school during Year 11 or 12
  • Accumulate 8 points for the QCE -Queensland Certificate of Education
  • For those who hope to go to Uni, a Cert III plus four General Subjects in Senior can be used as a VET Pathway to university.

Students considering a Traineeship should visit Mrs Sonia Shreeve in the Pathways Centre in Y Block to discuss employers who may be open to Work Experience and a 2020 Traineeship opportunity. The Pathways Centre is open every day before school and during Lunch 1.

All Year 9 students should:

  • Be sure to collect a Work Experience Pack from the Middle School Office
  • Discuss options with their parents. Consider your contacts, your interests, future career options and opportunities.
  • Have an initial discussion with a potential Work Experience employer to undertake Work Experience in Term 4 Week 10. If they are willing, complete the Expression of Interest form (found in the Work Experience Pack). The completed form should be returned to the Middle School Office by the end of Term 3.

PBC will then make contact with the employer and start the process of completing formal agreement paperwork.  

With 450 students seeking work experience at the one time, positions will be in demand. Students are encouraged to start this process now.

Last reviewed 13 September 2019
Last updated 13 September 2019