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PBC's One2One Learning Program (Year 7)

All Year 7 students are issued with their own laptop computer to be used as a tool to promote better learning outcomes by providing access to teaching and learning material at school and at home. It offers parents a convenient and simple solution to their child's IT needs.

Students in the One2One Learning Program benefit from PBC's ability to take advantage of the enormous buying power of the Queensland Government. We are able to purchase high performance commercial-grade computers that are designed to survive the rigours of school environments. Each student is issued their laptop for a 3-year period. The cost of the laptop is built into the SRS Fees. At the end of the 3-year period each student has the opportunity to take full ownership of the laptop for a nominal fee. See the One2One Learning Program booklet for more details.

Laptops come complete with a comprehensive 3 year onsite warranty as well as a wide range of education apps and software. These features provide students with a reliable and secure device, giving parents confidence in providing their child with his/her own computer.

For more information click the link to the right for the One2One Learning Program Booklet.​Bring Your Own Device (Years 8-12)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is offered to students in Years 8-12 in 2019 and allows students to bring an IT device to PBC that best supports their learning needs (within specifications).

PBC is committed to moving students and staff forward in a contemporary learning environment. 

Please see Related Documents for more information on the BYOD Program. 


​​Microsoft Office Package

The Microsoft Office Suite can be downloaded by all students onto their personal devices free of charge. 


This is only available for download on to personal devices. Personal devices include those devices in the students’ home environment as well as mobile devices.


In order for students to take advantage of this offer students will require an active student login and school email account.


A student who does not currently have an active school email account and password should contact their school IT Department or class teacher.


Download process:


  1. Sign in to Office 365 to download your free copy of the Microsoft Office Suite ( ).
  2. The initial login page requires a student email address and password with the following authentication page only requiring Student ID and password.