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Selective Entry Creative Arts

​The Selective Entry Creative Arts Program at PBC sharpens the creative talents of artistic students through mentoring, practise and specialised training. The Program provides a platform for students to broaden their skills by working collaboratively with other students, industry artists, teachers and guest professionals.

The opportunities and experiences offered to Selective Entry Creative Arts students are framed around the three A’s: Ambition, Artistry and Academia.

Accelerated Curriculum

Extension of core Arts curriculum
Students in the Program will be granted opportunities to be challenged beyond the core Arts curriculum. Such opportunities may include:

  • Specialised skills training
  • Arts showcases
  • Class, small group and independent Arts projects
  • Exposure to and utilisation of specialised Arts resources and facilities
  • Collaboration with students from other Creative Arts fields

Targeted post-secondary pathways

Embedded within the curriculum is a focus on identifying and exploring Arts Industry pathways. Arts pathways studied may include:

  • Tertiary institutions and requisites
  • Work placements
  • Supplementary qualifications
  • Training academies
  • Portfolio development
  • Audition/interview skills

Underpinning its development of gifted and talented Arts students are the unique elements offered within the Program. These elements may include:

  • Industry standard facilities and resources
  • Fostering and exhibiting of original works
  • Tracking of student development for success
  • Arts industry partnerships
  • Opportunities for and advocating of community service
  • Range and scope of performance opportunities
  • Dedicated program staff
  • Academic rigour and support

Specialised Staff

Staff focus on delivering an excellence program that strives for Ambition, Artistry and Academia through quality teaching and learning. The staff are selected based on the four dimensions:

  • Core Curriculum Extension
  • Targeted Post-Secondary Pathways
  • Curriculum Pathway Experiences
  • Unique Program Elements

Teachers in the Selective Entry Creative Arts Program are leading practitioners who together bring a wealth of national and international arts experience and training to the program.

Curriculum and pathway experiences
Training in the Program is complimented by a number of Arts industry experiences available to students. Such experiences may include:

  • Workshops delivered by practising artists
  • Exposure to and appreciation of industry standard Arts works
  • Skills and pathway training offered by industry professionals
  • Partnerships with Arts companies, identities and training organisations
  • Master classes with touring artists and productions
  • Support from notable Creative Arts alumni

Selection Procedure

Entry to this program will be competitive. Students will be selected according to criteria determined by the school through an audition.

Students nominating for program entry will participate in Arts specific auditions conducted by program teachers.

Students recommended to the school for program entry also need to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to school studies
  • Have a satisfactory record of school conduct

Students who are successful in the auditions and satisfy the other criteria will be offered enrolment at the school and a place in their chosen specialty area in the program.

A fee, additional to the textbook and equipment hire charge, is payable upon acceptance into the program and in each subsequent year that the student is part of the program. These funds are used to provide additional resources and enhancement exclusively for students within the program. Such funds provide greater curriculum resources, exclusive visits from guest speakers, and specialised training for teachers.


For further information please contact the Selective Entry Enrolments Officer​ or phone 07 5525 9418.​​​