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​PBC Container Refund Scheme


On Thursday 1 November, PBC began an exciting new environmentally sustainable initiative that coincided with the QLD government’s introduction of the Container Refund Scheme. Students at PBC began depositing eligible 10c containers into Blue Envirobank bins located around the school. In the first 4 weeks students and staff have raised over $1000 from their efforts and collected many Enviro-bags full of containers that could have otherwise ended up in landfill. The initiative has sought to educate students about the consequences of incorrect waste disposal and the impact it is having on our environment subsequently developing their sense of environmental awareness, teamwork and community pride. All money raised by PBC students, staff and the wider community will be used to fund student nominated initiatives and projects (cold water bubblers, air conditioning, solar power, community garden etc.).

In addition to this school based program, students, staff and community members have the opportunity to donate their eligible containers through a ‘Take Home Bag’ option. These bags will provide people with the ability to collect containers at home in an orange Enviro-bag (provided at no cost) over a 2 week period and return the bag, regardless of whether it is full or not, every second Wednesday between 8:00am-9:00am at the Reds Gate on the oval. A new Enviro-bag will be exchanged for a returned one on drop off day. The next ‘Bag Drop Off’ will be Wednesday 11 December.

If every PBC student filled just 1 bag a fortnight, students could raise $300,000 annually to fund projects they care about. 

Students have gotten behind the project and are improving their waste disposal habits; a reduction in litter and the quantity of general waste bins collected daily has already been reported by ground staff as a positive consequence of the initiative. All bins around the school have undergone a makeover to feature infographics and educational posters about what items are suitable for each bin - recycling, general waste and container collection. We encourage all students, staff, parents, siblings, relatives, local business owners and community members to get on board with the project to improve our environment and raise funds for worthy causes. 

Students willing to participate in the ‘Take Home Bag’ option were distributed orange Enviro-bags in CARE class. If any student missed the opportunity and would like collect a bag they can request one from their CARE teacher or contact Mr Pasley or Miss Benigno in V block staffroom. Additionally, if any parent or member of the wider community would like to get involved please contact administration or come down to the ‘Bag Drop Off’ day on Wednesday 11 December between 8:00am and 9:00am to collect your free Enviro-bag.