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20 Mar - Immunisations Year 7

​Dear Parent,
This year the free school vaccine program for Year 7 students will be providing 2 vaccines.

1.     Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
HPV is a very common infectious disease and most children (more than 80%) will have a HPV infection at some time in their lives. Most HPV infections do not cause any symptoms and people usually do not know they have the infection.

However, in around 10-20% of people the virus persists in the body and in later life is an important cause of a range of cancers and other conditions.  As well as causing many genital cancers the virus is a major cause of mouth and throat cancers which are on the increase in recent years.  It can also cause tumours in the air passages to the lungs.

Both boys and girls benefit from this vaccine with some cancers being more common in males and others in females. One third of all HPV related cancers occur in boys.
Children will receive 2 doses of this vaccine during the year.

2.     Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (whooping cough) Vaccine (dTpa)
Pertussis (whooping cough) is a highly contagious respiratory disease resulting in a severe cough that may last for months. Infection in adolescents is common. Complications include pneumonia, coma, brain damage and long-term lung damage. 
Vaccines given against pertussis in childhood do not provide lifelong protection.    Infected persons can pass disease on to vulnerable others including babies and the elderly.

Immunisation consent forms
Year 7 parents should have received your child’s immunisation consent form online. Please complete and return online. Immunisation is extremely important for your child’s protection.

It is requested that all parents please read the information about vaccines being provided in the Information for Parents and Legal Guardians section before completing the consent form. 

Please note: A consent form is requested to be completed for all Year 7 students even if parent’s do not want their child vaccinated at school.  This assists us to confirm that the immunisation offer was received by each family.

In order for your child to be protected you must complete the on-line consent form by clicking on this link: Consent Form

If you have trouble with the forms please ring the Immunisation team on 1800 940750